Friday rant: Leaders should lead…

…whatever their age. Leadership gifts don’t automatically grow with experience. Two things bother me, three get under my skin:

  • people without leadership gifts in positions of leadership simply because they’ve “put in their years”
  • people struggling with incredible leadership gifts in a setting that doesn’t allow them to put those gifts to work
  • and people that have leadership gifts but bury them.

It’s time we gave more honor to leadership as a profession, a gifting and a calling and let leaders lead right out of the gate.

<end of rant>

3 thoughts on “Friday rant: Leaders should lead…

    • I will say I stated it more to stir up passion than to set it down as policy. I think it’s been brewing for a bit. Don Page stirred it up with his book Servant Empowered Leadership, and then a visit with Mark Taber here in our office reinforced it. Fridays are good days for this kind of thing. On Monday I can deny or tone it down and blame it on Friday perkiness! I suspect I won’t.

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