mrA student of leadership at Wycliffe Bible Translators, I spent two years focusing on experiential developmental opportunities as director of leadership development in Orlando and now face the challenge of my life: president of Wycliffe Canada.

I have two main passions. First, to fulfill the purpose of God in my generation. The particular task I believe He’s called me to is to help get His Word translated into every language that needs it in this generation. Second, my passion is to see young people step up as leaders. Those two are definitely intertwined.

In addition to my Wycliffe roles, I’m a design thinker, student of leadership, student of competition, amateur futurist, blogger and father of three. After forty years following Jesus, I’m still learning God’s Word. And after seventeen years of parenting, I’m preparing to parent an adult. You can follow my family’s ministry blog at Or follow my President’s Blog with thoughts that concern Wycliffe Canada.


3 thoughts on “me

    • Hey Dave. Sorry to go silent. Nice to know someone misses my posts already!

      Great question about my challenges. Busyness is my biggest one right now. I’m working on two transitions at work right now, mentoring a new manager who will report to me for a month, and getting my replacement up to speed so I can start my leadership development job.

      Busyness might be worth a blog some day. Steve Moore did a great vlog on the subject on The Mission Exchange site. He said God never makes you busy. If you’re busy, you have to ask who did that to you: yourself or someone else?

      Hope you’re doing well. Gotta run. 😉

  1. Hey I don’t want to put any more pressure on you. I just think you’re thoughts are worth reading.
    It will be fun to follow you as you develop this new position your moving into.
    Have a great week.

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