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Roy was born in Toronto and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He met his wife Becky in university, and they began to pursue missions together while Roy was studying graphic design. The Eyres joined Wycliffe Bible Translators in 1997 and headed to Calgary a year later. Their family eventually grew to include three children.

After four years with Wycliffe Canada, they moved to Orlando, Florida, to serve in Wycliffe USA’s communications department. There, Roy’s growing passion for leadership led to stints managing teams of mobilizers and then developing leaders for Wycliffe USA.

The Eyres returned to Calgary in September 2011. As president of Wycliffe Canada, Roy believes God has specifically given this generation a challenge: to help make God’s Word accessible to every language group on the planet. He looks forward to seeing the Canadian Church rise to the challenge and take its place in serving indigenous communities that don’t have access to God’s Word.

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